43 thoughts on “All new Gran Turismo 5 – Racing at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring Part 2

  1. -80% co2….so theyre actually cleaning the air while driving??? Or did i get it wrong? Too bad only their will be only at max 16 cars on the gt5 24h race, it would be awesome, if their was atleast 50 cars from the 200. This guy racing the 24 h, is probably one of the reasons why the game was delayed so long.

  2. I have been waiting for this game for 3 years and it’s here in 1-2 more months omg. This will beat forza 3 or any other games in the world by a huge mile. Can’t wait but 24 hrs takes long just worried if the ps3 slim can take it.

  3. @TeamEpsilonRacing and no the insulting part has nothing to do with how the nation is doing right now. you just assumed that. the use of the little girl, the depiction of uncle sam, and the wealth of dishonesty in the statements is insulting. all of these tactics were used to impress a point of view that isnt wholly the truth. whats insulting is they expect these tactics to persuade anyone with a decent highschool education. i find that this side is the right one, but this ad is a boat of lies

  4. Kann ich auch mit Kupplung fahren, wenn ich mit Controller spiele? Würde gerne z.b den GTI oder so mit Kupplung fahren.

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